Tom Moloughney: The East Coast’s EV Man

tom-moloughney-drivingIn a few short years, Tom Moloughney, a New Jersey restaurant owner turned EV and solar + EV advocate, has become one of the leading proponents of EVs on the East Coast and in the U.S.

He’s pioneered electric vehicles with a three-year lease of the Mini E, and written hundreds of informative blog entries about his experiences at Mini E #250. He’s recently moved on to bigger, better, and faster 😉 things, becoming the first person in the U.S. to receive delivery of BMW’s next consumer EV “mule”, the Active E.

Moloughney’s been interviewed by USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, a number of local New Jersey and New York area television news outlets, and, two years ago, by SolarChargedDriving.Com 🙂

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Accurate reporting on EVs
We’re embedding the video above, ‘Chester Resident First to Receive BMW’s Electric Car’, because, as Moloughney himself pointed out in a Facebook post he did on this news piece, it’s a good example of accurate, fair and informative reporting on EVs.

Of course, we also like the fact that the story mentions, and shows, Moloughney’s 8.8 kW home solar system — as well as the fact that he points out that the electric grid is growing greener and greener in the U.S. This means EVs will be running cleaner and cleaner.

Indeed, in the Pacific Northwest, they’re already running almost exclusively on renewable energy thanks to the big role hydro power plays in that U.S. region.

That EVs will get cleaner and cleaner and eventually potentially become nearly 100-percent emissions free even when counting the “long tailpipe” is something we’ll never be able to say about gasoline and gasoline powered cars.

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