Nissan LEAF: The most ad-wrapped car ever?

psp-leafWe’re not sure, but we’re guessing that the all-electric Nissan LEAF might eventually go down as the most ad-wrapped vehicle in history, though we’re also guessing that the Toyota Prius probably holds the ad-wrap crown for now.

We thought it would be fun to track down pictures of some ad-wrapped Nissan LEAFs. We can’t claim to have found them all, but just a half hour’s worth of Googling brought in quite a few pics of ad-wrapped LEAFs. And why not – from solar companies to utilities to green-minded high tech firms, linking your marketing message with the green, clean LEAF is clearly a great idea.

Heck, we’re even hoping to do the same thing when we get our own LEAF 😉

Below is a gallery of some of the pics of ad-wrapped LEAFs we’ve found online, complete with photo credits that point everyone to their source and which provide free-marketing for the web sites/companies who took the pictures and, hopefully, as a result, cover our butt in terms of any potential copyright complaints ;-).

[Click on the first picture to launch the gallery]


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