IKEA becoming a solar + EV leader

ik-solarWe’re not quite sure why IKEA hasn’t publicized the PV + EV math that’s adding up to more and more U.S. IKEA outlets with both solar power and EV charging stations. And, frankly, we can’t tell you with precision which of the more than 40 IKEAs/ IKEA distribution centers in the U.S. have both PV and EV charging – though we have contacted IKEA repeatedly asking them for this information.

However, we can tell you that IKEA’s green power initiative is adding up to more and more visibility for solar, EVs, EV charging, and, most importantly, the solar + EV combination.

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IKEA has already installed, or plans to install solar at 33 of 44 stores, distribution centers and offices in the U.S. all of which, by the way, IKEA owns rather than leases. And it’s already installed EV charging stations at multiple IKEAs in the U.S., with plans to offer EV charging at at least nine total. According to a recent IKEA press release, all of the EV charging stations will be in the Western U.S.

The Portland, Ore. IKEA is the only one we know of for certain that has both solar and EV charging. But we’re certain that soon they’ll be more – which, of course, is exactly what we at SolarChargedDriving.Com are happy to see 🙂

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