Wired.Com story on EV + PV quotes us


Wired.Com just published an article about the solar + electric car synergy in which SolarChargedDriving.Com Founder & Editor Christof Demont-Heinrich is quoted.

Written by Keith Barry, the article offers a good overview of solar-charged driving and concentrates in particular on its increasing popularity.

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EV + PV revs up
As we’ve noted before, it’s great to see influential media outlets such as Wired starting to focus on the EV + PV story. It’s a sure sign that solar-charged driving is revving up in the U.S.

Clearly, given that SolarChargedDriving.Com has dedicated the last two years toward exactly this goal – publicizing the many benefits of EV + PV, we’re really excited to see Wired.Com writing about this synergy.

Let’s hope other news media organizations are influenced by the Wired EV + PV story and start writing about this trend – the growth in this trend — too.

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