Wired.Com doing story on solar + EV synergy

gm-sunlogics-canopyeditors-blog-entry3Here’s another sign that solar-charged driving is on its way up: Wired.Com is doing a story on EV + PV for its Autopia section.

How do I know?

Keith Barry, the Wired.Com Autopia writer assigned to do the story interviewed me this afternoon.

I talked Barry’s ear off for 45 minutes 🙂

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EV + PV for Thanksgiving
Not sure if he’ll include any quotes from me or not. But that’s not the important thing. The important thing is that Wired.Com’s doing an EV + PV feature at all.

Barry told me he’s spoken with numerous solar-charged drivers as well as with auto, and solar and EV charging industry folks for the story. He tells me it should be up on Wired.Com sometime before Thanksgiving – and it’s not just going to run in the Autopia section, it’s going to be splashed across the Wired.Com main entry page too.


I’ll definitely let SolarChargedDriving.Com readers know when Barry’s story is out, and maybe even offer an analysis/reaction to it 🙂

It’ll be interesting to see if solar-charged driving gets some bounce from Barry’s Wired.Com story — and if some even larger media outlets are inspired by Wired’s piece to do their own features on the growing EV + PV movement.

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