A lean, green 100% wind driven EV machine

leaf-wind-drivenGreen Mountain Energy Company in Texas has launched Pollution FreeSM EV – the first widely available 100 percent emissions-free Texas wind-powered product designed for drivers of plug-in electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (EV).

“We believe that electric vehicles are an excellent choice for drivers who want to make a difference for the environment. And the key to making EVs emissions-free is to charge them with 100 percent renewable energy,” said Helen Brauner, senior vice president of Marketing, Green Mountain Energy.

George Cook, a Katy, Texas homeowner, will become one of the state’s first drivers of a 100 percent emissions-free Texas-wind powered vehicle. eVgo recently installed a Smart Home Charging Dock in Cook’s garage. The clean energy to power Cook’s home charging station as well as the rest of his house will be provided by Green Mountain.

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Wind-powered LEAF “totally cool”
“It is totally cool to be one of the first people in Texas to drive a 100 percent wind-powered electric vehicle and to be able to charge it from home,” said Cook, who has been a Green Mountain customer for four years. “Now, not only will my house be powered by wind, but my car will be too. Plus, I will save money on gas for my commute to work and continue to support the development of more wind energy in Texas.”

Pollution Free EV, Green Mountain’s newest 100% pollution-free product generated solely from Texas wind, was created to encourage the use of EVs. It is a Reliable Rate product that guarantees customers who drive an EV a special rate for 12 months.

Pollution Free EV is now available to any residential customer in Texas’ competitive electric market, including any existing Green Mountain customer, whose primary vehicle is a plug-in electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. To demonstrate eligibility customers must provide a valid copy of their auto insurance showing that they currently drive an EV. To learn more about Green Mountain Pollution Free EV, visit www.greenmountain.com/EV or call Green Mountain at 1.866.301.3120.

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