Sierra Club signs on to pro-EV movement

sierra-club-evseditors-blog-entry3A few weeks ago, I argued that some, maybe even many, within the green movement have been slow — way too slow — to come around to electric cars. In fact, more than a few greenies are still die-hard anti-EV.

The reasons vary, though Dirty Coal is the primary one, with the idea that everyone – and I do mean everyone – is supposed to walk, bike or take public transportation the other primary reason for greenie opposition to EVs. (Before anyone lays into me for being anti-bike, biking is my first choice for personal transportation, when feasible, EVs a distant second.)

Fortunately, more greenies are recognizing what should be a self-evident truth with EVs: No other forms of highway capable individual and group transportation can be powered directly by renewable energy forms as easily and efficiently as electric vehicles.

Sierra Club launches pro EV campaign
Count the Sierra Club among the environmental advocacy groups who have caught on to this basic fact. Yes, that’s right the Sierra Club is now actively promoting electric cars. In fact, it’s launched a national Electric Vehicles Campaign.

The aim: To help get 1 million EVs on American roadways by 2015!

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As Gina Coplon-Newfield, Sierra Club’s Senior Campaign Representative, Electric Vehicles/Beyond Coal, writes in a recent Sierra Club blog entry: “If we want to slash auto emissions and kick our addiction to oil, we need this year’s tens of thousands of EVs to quickly skyrocket to hundreds of thousands and then to millions. And simultaneously we need to clean up our electricity to make EVs even cleaner.”

EVs + renewables = Revolution
Well-stated – and nice to see a well-known environmental group like the Sierra Club saying.

As we’ve been saying for more than 1 ½ years at SolarChargedDriving.Com, it’s hard to think of a more revolutionary synergy than the synergy between renewable energy and electric vehicles. It’s a synergy that can, at once, radically boost national fueling independence, dramatically reduce oil consumption, boost renewable energy forms such as solar and wind, and, some day come pretty darn close to eliminating air pollution all together.

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