Historic global Zero Emissions Race completed

Final-DayToday marked the end of the 80-day Zero Emissions race around the world.

For the final leg of the race, from day 72 to 80, the four participating teams traveled northward across Spain and France before completing their 28,000 km around-the-world race with electric cars at the United Nations Palace in Geneva, Switzerland.

Organizer Louis Palmer – who in 2008 become the first person to circle the globe in a solar-powered vehicle — invited drivers from all over the world to drive their own electric car around the world. The only condition was that the energy used by each electric vehicle be offset by the generation of electricity via renewable energy forms (sun, wind, wave, geothermal, etc.) at designated production facilities in the racers’ home countries. Palmer’s aim with the Zero Emissions Race was to present emissions-free mobility solutions.

UN officials commend racers
At the finish line, participating Zero Emissions Race teams were welcomed by journalists and representatives of the United Nations (UN) eager to hear about their adventures and congratulate them on their accomplishments.

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After speeches by Mr. Sergei Ordzhonikidze, Director General of the UN, Mr. Andrey Vasilev, Deputy Secretary UN Economic Commission of Europe, and Ms. Sylvie Motard, Senior Officer of UN Environment Programme, the teams were presented with trophies made from granite and crystal from the Grimsel Region of Switzerland.

Palmer also gave a speech after having just completed his second circumnavigation of the globe with an electric vehicle.

Zerotracer wins race
Team Trev came in third place, Team Vectrix came in second place, and Team Oerlikon Solar came in first place, making the Zerotracer the most efficient and reliable electric vehicle of the race. The Zerotracer is an electrically powered motorcycle, which offers the comforts of driving a car along with the thrill of driving a motorcycle.

The Zerotracer has the same range as the Porsche 911, but can accelerate faster. The 183 horsepower electric motor allows a top speed of 250 m.p.h.

The four teams’ goal with their participation in the Zero Emissions Race was to show the world that an ecological vehicle like the Zerotracer can be a real competitive, convenient, efficient, and attractive alternative to gasoline vehicles.

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