SolarChargedDriving’s Top 10 articles from 2010

solar-charge-motion-car1We thank the many folks who’ve surfed to our site in 2010. We know you don’t all come for exactly the same reason, though we hope many of you come away feeling charged up about the amazing synergy between solar energy and electric vehicles, which, at once, can deliver cleaner air, individual and national fueling independence, and long-term economic savings.

While many of you — lots of you we hope 🙂 — will have read some, even most, of the articles and blog entries below, we thought it would be nice to usher in 2011 by offering you a list of our Top 10 Entries for 2010, which are ranked from 1 through 10 based on the total number of hits they received.

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Perhaps you’ll discover you’ve missed an article or two during the year, if you’re a regular reader, that is.

If you’re new? Well, we hope what other people found interesting this year, you find interesting as well.

As you can see, from the list below, it’s tough to beat out celebrity: Chelsea Sexton, who graciously agreed to be interviewed by SolarChargedDriving.Com early in 2010, tops the list. It’s also clear a lot of people are interested in comparing solar buying to solar leasing (we’ve got an entire section that offers you basic information on solar leasing, including a complete list of all of the U.S. states that offer solar leasing). Also apparent is a strong interest in the economic and environmental aspects of solar-charged driving.

  1. Chelsea Sexton weighs in on EVs/PHEVs and solar
  2. Re-doing the solar math on the Nissan LEAF
  3. A solar expert compares buying to leasing
  4. Report: EVs + renewable energy = no air pollution
  5. Questioning the buying is better than leasing view
  6. Ten plus things you can do to drive solar forward
  7. Solar tip: Roll over the extra electricity you produce
  8. High short-term costs a barrier to long-term savings
  9. Silence the EV critics with the 2.5 kW solar pledge
  10. He wants your next car to Run on Sun

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