GM embracing solar-charged driving

You know solar-charged driving is poised to go mainstream when one of America’s three major automakers begins to seriously pitch EV+PV, which is exactly what GM is doing with the Chevy Volt, due to hit dealer lots any day.

GM says it’s dedicated to embracing the green movement, and, while it — like all automakers — has a ways to go on the green front, it’s certainly doing some of the right things. First, by producing the Chevy Volt, which can run up to 50 miles on a battery power only and bringing it to market. Second, by actively promoting solar electricity as a fuel for the Volt.

envision-gmCheck out the GM video above, which shows the installation of an 18 kW solar-powered EV charging station at GM’s Detroit Hamtramck Assembly plant, and which also shows that, yes, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles such as the Volt can indeed be powered directly by the sun.

We hope many of you plug in to plug-ins in the next couple of years and that you consider plugging your plug-in into solar as well!

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