Nissan drives LEAF electric tour to SolarWorld

solarworld-hillsboro-oregonSolarWorld’s manufacturing campus in Hillsboro, Ore. – the largest crystalline silicon solar production facility in the Americas – will host a stop on the Nissan LEAF Drive Electric Tour Nov. 5, 6 and 7, giving the region’s electric-vehicle enthusiasts a long-awaited chance to get behind the wheel of the zero-emission sedan.

“Nissan deliberately chose the SolarWorld campus as an ideal place to showcase our exciting driving solution to the twin pressing needs for high affordability and no emissions,” said Jay Schaffer, Promotions and Lifestyle Marketing Manager, Nissan North America. “Both companies’ visions are lighting the way to a sounder environmental footing.”

The tour stop on SolarWorld’s campus draws attention to the advances of two industry pioneers in promoting technologies that affordably curb the need for fossil-based fuels and emissions of carbon and other environmentally noxious gases. Nissan is presenting its LEAF sedan as the first mass-produced, affordable 100%-electric-with-zero-emissions vehicle. SolarWorld has spearheaded solar technology development since the mid-1970s.

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The SolarWorld stop on Nissan’s Drive Electric Tour is the sixth in a 22-city route that began in October and ends in March. The tour features several display areas, each highlighting a specific attribute or benefit of the car, but the best part of the “drive electric tour” is that visitors can drive the car for themselves. They will be able to drive the Nissan LEAF with a “co-pilot” to answer their questions and show them of all the interior features of the car. Visitors also can inquire about SolarWorld.

The Portland metropolitan-area market has proven to be an enthusiastic adopter of both the Nissan LEAF and SolarWorld’s solar panels, according to officials of both companies. Consumers there have reserved the Nissan LEAF and selected SolarWorld panels at high rates. The Nissan LEAF is expected to arrive in Oregon this winter. This month, SolarWorld marks its second anniversary of vertically integrated production in Hillsboro, where it employs nearly 1,000 workers.

leaf-windmills“The day of the all-electric Nissan LEAF, as well as expanded production of SolarWorld’s high-performance solar panels, has come,” said Gordon Brinser, President of SolarWorld Industries America Inc. “We are delighted that in Oregon the two are arriving in exactly the same place.”

For reservations, times and other details relating to all stops along the “drive electric tour,” go to

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