Era of electric cars may be closer than we think

ge-watt-stationreporters-blog-roll-claireEver since I started writing for SolarChargedDriving.Com about a month ago I have begun to see information and news about solar power and solar-powered cars everywhere.

The other day while I was watching TV an ad came on for GE that I had never seen before. I wasn’t really paying attention, and for a while I didn’t even notice what it was that GE was advertising—until I realized that the actors in the commercial were driving around in different countries and in the U.S. and plugging their electric cars into small, convenient electric vehicle chargers stationed right next to the parking meters!

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The era of electric vehicles may be closer than we think.

The product is called the GE WattStation EV Charger, and was created through collaboration between GE and designer Yves Behar of fuseproject.

“The WattStation is a new way to provide energy, and it’s designed as a small, soft, and friendly dispenser of electricity… [designed] in a way that would be very much about service,” says Behar.

It’s expected to take only four to eight hours to completely charge a plug-in electric vehicle!

Check out more pictures and information at , and watch the GE ad I saw here!

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