BYD builds ‘Complete Zero Emissions Story’

byd-e6editors-blog-entry3BYD, the Chinese company backed by the money of billionaire Warren Buffett, definitely sees the big picture — as in the electric car + solar + battery storage = a better world for everyone picture.

BYD’s investing heavily in electric cars, in solar, in battery technology and in LED lighting, among other things. So for instance, it’s working with American homebuilder giant KB Home to build “the homes of the future” in California. The homes are being equipped with BYD renewable-energy materials, including solar panels, energy storage batteries, and LED energy-saving lights. They’ll come with KB Home electric vehicle outlets as well.

Just as exciting is the fact that BYD is actively and aggresively talking up the EV+PV synergy. Check out this gem of a quote from Michael Austin, a Chicago-based BYD vice president with marketing and public relations duties published in a recent column by PlugInCars.Com Editor Brad Berman:

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“We don’t want to just sell electric vehicles in our U.S. dealerships. That’s not selling the zero emission story. We want to sell solar panels. We want to sell solar-shaded parking. We want to sell LED lighting. We want to sell energy storage for your home, and charging stations coupled to energy storage, so we can do DC-to-DC quick charging. Oh, and you can use solar panels to charge your energy storage, that’s now powering your vehicle.”

Yes solar + electric cars + home energy storage + energy efficieny and conservation does equal the complete zero emissions story. It’s fantastic that BYD, short for Build Your Dreams, is not only telling this story, not only selling it and pitching it, but building it is well. It is indeed Building Dreams while helping to banish our Big Oil Nightmare in the process

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