Most polluted places on earth

la-smogIt often seems as if most people don’t care about air pollution. This despite the fact that it kills tens of thousands of people in the U.S. every year.

This might be because people don’t see air pollution — although, of course, all it takes to see air pollution is a diesel powered truck roaring by and spewing exhaust at you.

Whatever the reason the real dangers of air pollution don’t appear to register for many Americans, there are some places in the U.S., and in the world, where air pollution is so bad, it’s impossible to ignore.

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The Huffington Post recently published a photo spread of the 9 most polluted places in the world. Many of these are outside of the U.S., though America is home to two of them, the Greater Los Angeles and Greater Phoenix areas.

The Post’s short photo essay provides a graphic reminder of just how polluted our world still is. We urge you to check it out — and to consider reducing the pollution by plugging an electric vehicle into a home solar system. If taken by millions millions of people, this simple step could in fact bring the U.S., and the world, to something approaching zero air pollution.

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