Stick-on PV film could improve efficiency by 12%

pv-stick-oneditors-blog-entry3Here’s something I will definitely be keeping close tabs on — and which you might want to pay close attention to as well, especially if you already have a solar PV system on your home:

A stick-on photovoltaic film developed by Soloptics — a division of Genie Lens Technologies, LLC, a specialist in applied optics and light ray management solutions — can improve solar panel efficiency rates by more than 12 percent, thereby reducing the cost of solar power for the consumer. The US Department of Energy confirmed the product’s effectiveness Aug. 2.

According to Soloptics, in tests performed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) at its Golden, Colo. research campus, FUSION delivered conversion efficiency gains ranging from 10 to 12.5 percent depending on testing conditions. FUSION achieved these gains regardless of the underlying PV material for less than $0.10/watt (installed cost).

And it gets better: The “stick-on” technology is supposedly simple enough to be installed by homeowners themselves.

Stay tuned!

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