Solar-charged driver census: Week 1 update

solar-census-mini-e2Have you ever wondered how many people are already solar-charging an electric vehicle? Or how many people are interested in doing so?

We certainly have. That’s why we started what we’re calling a Solar-Charged Driver Census a week ago. While the numbers so far aren’t overwhelming, they are interesting. Here they are (as of Sunday, Aug. 8 at 11 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time):

  • 31 current solar-charged drivers
  • 25 who say they will definitely be solar-charging an electric vehicle

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Our census isn’t scientific. And, since only those people who see our web site, and also see the census, can opt to take it, there’s no way of knowing if our numbers are even close to capturing the total number of solar-charged drivers out there and the total number of people who will definitely become solar-charged drivers within the next few years.

(For those who are interested, we get about 1,000 unique visitors a month to SolarChargedDriving.Com and we’ve had visits from 102 different countries in our first nine months online, with about 75 percent of visitors located in the United States.)

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Informal conversations, mostly online, we’ve had with some current solar-charged drivers would seem to indicate that there are far more than 31current solar-charged drivers in the U.S., and in the world, with perhaps a reasonable estimate being several hundred. And we’re 100 percent certain there are far more than 25 people who will plug into solar-charged driving in the next two to three years.

If you are a current solar-charged driver and haven’t been counted yet, please click on our poll and be counted! The same is true for future solar-charged drivers: We want to count you too! We also want to count your friends who are solar-charged drivers or who definitely want to become one. So, please, send them this link and encourage them to take the census.

We’re not doing this just to satiate our own curiosity, but also so that you — current solar-charged drivers and future solar-charged drivers can get a sense of just how many of us are out there sitting on the cusp of what could be a revolutionary change in global auto fueling!

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