Why solar-charged driving should rev you up


editors-blog-entry3We all have the things in life that rev us up. For me, for the past year, one of those things has been solar-charged driving.

I first discovered that, yes, you really could run a full-sized car on sun last June.

Back then, I thought it was simply incredible that you could power a car without producing any air pollution whatsoever. That’s right, none whatsoever. Add to this the fact that, with solar-charged driving, you flip the bird at Big Oil, and, if you live in a solar friendly place with good solar incentives like we do in Colorado, the fact that you save money too!

On top of this all, solar-charged driving is radically simple.

Get a solar system installed on your house. Buy an EV. Plug it in. Drive it — and you’re running on clean, solar-generated electricity.That’s all it takes. Honest!

Okay, you do have to figure out how to finance everything. But that’s nothing new for home owners and car owners, whether we live in the U.S., or somewhere else. (Yes, we are getting a good amount of traffic from the rest of the world, in particular Europe, but also Asia, Australiia, and New Zealand — and hello Kazakhstan too! 🙂 Besides, as I’ve already noted here and elsewhere on SolarChargedDriving.Com, for many of us, figuring out how to finance the solar system and an electric car pays off in the long run: it saves money!

leaf-solar-rev-smallOther than not driving at all (which, as an avid bicyclist I try to do as much as I can), it’s hard for me to think of any other action an individual can take in our oil-based, coal-based, car-based modern society that will have a greater positive impact on the environment and on basic quality of life for all human beings than to plug your home — and an electric car — into the power of the sun!

By plugging into the power of the sun and solar-charging your home and your car, in one fell swoop, you:

  • stop producing any air pollution while driving (no more CO2, CO, NOx, SO2, ozone, or particulates, none whatsoever)
  • kick your oil habit for your car
  • kick your coal habit for your home and eliminate (by offsetting it) the contribution of your home electric use to global warming
  • kick Big OIl out of your life — and come pretty close to doing the same to Big Coal too
  • welcome into your life fueling independence and the satisfaction of driving on clean, renewable energy
  • celebrate long-term economic savings
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That’s why, a full year after discovering solar-charged driving and having been inspired by finding real solar-charged drivers online, some of whom we’ve ended up profiling on this web site, I still think solar-charged driving is cool — way cool.

I hope you think so too — and that if you do think so, and you haven’t already done so, that you take action and make one of the most significant positive contributions you can make to modern global society by plugging into solar-charged driving yourself!



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