Global zero emissions race will kick off in June

louis-palmer1In December 2008, Louis Palmer became the first person ever to drive a solar-powered car around the world. This project was known as the Solartaxi. It took him 534 days to complete his circumnavigation and spread his message: renewable energies are reliable, affordable and ecological!

This June, Palmer intends to take things even further. This time he doesn’t want to do it alone. Palmer is challenging the world to a race — the The Zero Emission Race. The race will be a global event which will seek to generate public interest and create new ways of thinking about mobility, cars and energy.

Palmer is inviting competitors from all over the world to drive their own zero emission race cars. Each competitor’s car will be designed to run strictly on ‘alternative’ energy such as solar, wind, wave or geothermal.

The aim is to make zero emission energy solutions visible to a worldwide audience by creating a highly entertaining global media event.

When the chequered flag finally comes down, the ultimate winner will be Planet Earth, says Palmer.

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