Hotel chain offers free EV charging for guests

elements3Element Hotels, a part of Starwood Hotels and Resorts, will offer free electric vehicle charging for guests at its Lexington, Mass. property.

The charging station, which is co-sponsored by Carbon Day Automotive, was announced in July. No date has been specified for its opening.

Guests of the elements Lexington will swipe a keyfob to activate the station, which takes up one parking space. Travelers can locate the station on Google maps, and can also use the website to check its availability, but they cannot reserve it online. Use is on a first-come, first-serve basis. The charging station will have a universal plug able to accommodate cars, buses, and Segways.

The Lexington property will also offer preferred parking for electric and hybrid vehicles and a bike sharing program.

The elements brand is Starwood’s environmentally-friendly venture. Its properties are required to achieve the U.S. Green Building’s Council’s LEED Certification. Other green features on the properties include GE Energy Star appliances, efficient water faucets, LED and CFL light fixtures, and recycled content in furniture and decorations.

There are currently seven hotels in the chain, in Lone Tree, Colo.; Hanover, Md.; Lexington, Mass.; Las Vegas, Nev.; Ewing, N.J.; Houston, Texas and Irving, Texas. Starwood plans to open four other elements properties in 2010, including one in Times Square, New York.

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