Partnership helps zoos plug into solar driving

solar-elect-people-moverGlenview, IL (PRWEB) – Zoos around the U.S. are going solar – as in low-speed, over-size solar-powered passenger shuttles used to cart zoo-goers around the grounds – thanks in part to a recently announced partnership between the Solar Electric Vehicle Company, LLC (SEVC) and Encompass Media Group, Inc. (EMG).

SEVC offers its 14-passenger Solar Electric People Mover to public and private institutions at no cost. The vehicles are sponsored by environmentally conscious companies. Encompass Media Group works to find corporate partnerships at each Zoo location.

More than 20 of the gas-free and emissions-free vehicles are scheduled to be delivered in the first quarter of 2010. Zoos scheduled to take delivery of the solar electric shuttles include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix and Miami. The Solar Electric People Mover has also been used at the Chicago Botanic Garden for tours of its new Plants Science Center.

“We are extremely proud to be able to provide our eco-friendly vehicles to some of the world’s most beautiful and important natural habitats,” said Larry Spatz, SEVC CEO.

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SEVC’s 14 passenger solar-electric shuttle can go up to 60 miles on a single charge using its solar panel system, which provides constant supplemental charging throughout the day. The shuttle plugs in to a standard 110-volt outlet and can be fully charged overnight.

SEVC is planning to expand the program to municipalities, universities, medical centers and sports and entertainment facilities. Sennheiser Audio has sponsored a Solar Electric People Mover for band members at Milwaukee’s Summerfest. The vehicle has also been used at the Rocky Mountain Music Festival for eco-friendly concert transportation.