Flashy Ford Focus BEV stars on Jay Leno Show

Sporty looking Ford Focus BEVJay Leno and Ford are teaming up to promote the new Ford Focus BEV (battery electric vehicle).

The Focus BEV will appear in a segment on “The Jay Leno Show” called the “Green Car Challenge”.

Tuned to perform on a racetrack specifically designed for “The Jay Leno Show,” the battery-electric Ford Focus will be used throughout the first season. Celebrities who accept the challenge will be at the wheel trying to establish a fast lap time future guests will try to beat. Actress Drew Barrymore was the first celebrity to accept Leno’s “Green Car Challenge.”

As you can see from the photo of the Ford Focus BEV that accompanies this story — and the YouTube video to which we offer a link if you watch it — Ford’s doing a great job of pushing the Focus BEV in exciting fashion.

The paint job is exciting, Ford is pairing BEV to racing to combat the image of EVs as slow, and Ford is using a European Focus — European models always seem to be sportier looking than the American models — to boot.

Next up for Ford — we hope: Actively promoting the Focus BEV’s true green potential by creating a brand new promotional campaign.

Here’s our suggestion: Paint it green and plaster scenes of nature on it. Next, do a photo and video shoot of it plugging into a solar carport.

Then, build up excitement for the Focus BEV in the green community with a PR campaign that gets the photos and video footage of the Focus BEV plugging into the sun into media outlets like Sierra Club Magazine, Audubon, Outside, the Discovery Channel, and, last, but certainly not least, SolarChargedDriving.Com!

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Focus BEV’s year-long “guest star” stint on “The Jay Leno Show”, go to Ford’s “Electric Ford Focus is the Car for Stars on The Jay Leno Show” page.

If you have the time, check out the comments from readers. The vast majority of them are clearly stoked about the Focus BEV and EVs in general.

Yes, Ford, there are plenty of us who want an EV.

And they’re a lot of us who want to solar-charge our EV too.

We hope you realize this soon!