Why a solar garden isn’t as satisfying as rooftop solar

I had solar for nearly six years on a house in Aurora, Colo. that I lived in with my family. Life happened -- divorce, etc. -- and I no longer have the house, or the solar. A year ago, I moved into a so-called "cohousing" community, Highline Crossing Cohousing in Littleton, Colo. I moved here because cohousing is more community based than average HOAs/neighborhoods. I wanted more community, less suburban isolation and alienation.

U.S. Congress candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez puts 100 percent renewables on major media map

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old Latina democratic socialist from the Bronx, just beat out the longtime US representative Joe Crowley in the New York Democratic primaries. She's become a media darling since. That's great for a lot of reasons -- for more empowerment of women in American politics, more empowerment for minorities, AND more empowerment for greenies like me (and hopefully you, too).