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sky, solar panels and a toyota priusWe saw an opportunity -- an opportunity to help create a world in which more and more of us drive vehicles powered at least partially, and ideally fully, by renewable energy. We also saw an opportunity to create a new online space, a space focused exclusively on the intersection between solar power and EVs and PHEVs. Surprisingly, no one has yet created such an online space. Now we have. We hope you'll help us grow this space and, more importantly, help us grow what we hope will become a truly revolutionary move to a world in which millions of us run our cars on sun. To learn more about us, please read the articles in our "About Us" section. 

We lead with the sun!

picture of sunsetWe are devoted to telling the story of the synergy between solar and EVs and PHEVs. We aim to do so by creating original content focused on interesting and important developments within the solar and EV and PHEV worlds that is relevant to solar-charged driving and by serving as a unique portal to coverage of these developments by other web sites across the Web. On most of these sites, solar-charged driving is little more than a footnote to coverage of EVs, PHEVs, solar power, energy efficiency, green driving, etc.

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Why we're here

stop sign and gas stationWhy are we here? And why are we here now? There are a number of crucial reasons actually...

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What we are and are not

We want to be clear about who we are, why we’re here, and what we are, and are not. Hence, the  “manifesto” of sorts below.

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