Denver to Santa Barbara in a Chevy Bolt: Day 3, Las Vegas to Goleta, Calif.

I was envisioning feeling triumphant when we got to my sister's in Goleta, Calif., three days, and 1,200 miles, after starting our long-distance road trip in our all-electric Chevy Bolt in Littleton, Colo. In fact, I did feel pretty triumphant driving the final leg of our trip from Victorville, Calif. to Goleta, Calif., which is about a 170-mile drive. Although we hit some "bumps" along the way -- including a confrontation I had with another Chevy Bolt driver at a EV-Go DC fast charger in Victorville today after he unplugged me while I was in the mall with my kids -- it felt pretty good to be zooming along California 101, on a beautiful late July evening as the sun set on the Pacific ocean.

Denver to Santa Barbara in a Chevy Bolt: Day 1, Littleton, Colo. to Green River, Utah

I've never done a road trip in a Chevy Bolt before, though I have done two mid-length road trips from Denver to Santa Fe, New Mexico in my brother's Tesla Model S. The family before our departure on a 1,200-mile road trip from Littleton, Colo. to Goleta, Calif. in our all-electric Chevy Bolt, which has 238 miles of range. Here are some of my more memorable impressions after driving the first leg of a 1,200-mile trip from Denver to Santa Barbara today that I am doing with my two daughters, 13 and 11, in tow.

Lack of fast charging in much of U.S. makes long-distance electric car travel challenging

I wish that not all CCS/Level 3/"Fast" electric vehicle chargers were in metro areas, especially out here in the American West. I just decided not to drive my Chevy Bolt from Denver to my sister's in Goleta, Calif. (1,200 miles one way) for Christmas because there is not a SINGLE CCS charger along I-70/I-15 between Denver and Fillmore, Utah, 511 miles west of Denver.