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IKEA bringing solar power, electric vehicle charging together

A solar array on top of an IKEA store. [Flickr Creative Commons Photo By The Climate Group]
A solar array on top of an IKEA store. [Flickr Creative Commons Photo By The Climate Group]
IKEA has long been renewable energy friendly — and it’s pairing EV charging with renewable energy, albeit indirectly. By 2020, IKEA says its stores will be 100 percent powered by renewable energy, meaning presumably, so, too, will the dozens of EV chargers it has installed for customers.

IKEA US is in the process of installing more electric vehicle (EV) charging stations bringing the total to 32 IKEA locations by early Spring. The Three Blink® electric vehicle (EV) charging stations* reflect the IKEA goal to be carbon free, as EVs have zero tailpipe emissions.

“Installing EV charging stations reinforces our ongoing commitment to sustainability,” said IKEA US President, Lars Petersson. “As the leader in life at home, IKEA realizes a focus on sustainable transport of people can help empower customers to live sustainably while helping the needs of EV drivers.”

To charge an EV, drivers can tap their Blink InCard (RFID card) to the reader below the screen, initiate the session directly from the Blink Mobile application, or use a guest code provided via the Blink Mobile app, BlinkCode.com, or Blink Customer Support (888-998-2546).

By 2020, IKEA says it will be 100 percent renewable – producing as much renewable energy as it consumes using renewable sources.

IKEA US has solar arrays at 90 percent of its locations, and owns two wind farms in the United States.

The EV program is a partnership with Car Charging Group, Inc. (OTC: CCGI), the owner of the Blink Network and Blink EV charging stations, and the largest provider of EV charging services with thousands of public EV charging stations in 36 states and two countries.
*these EV charging stations are level 2.