BMW plugs ActiveE drivers into green energy

activeE-renewablesGermany is the world renewable energy leader, so it’s no surprise that a German auto company, BMW, is helping lead the charge to pair EVs and renewable energy.

BMW announced recently that it is working with Green Mountain Energy to help ActiveE drivers buy renewable energy credits to offset the electricity their cars are using.

BMW has estimated that each ActiveE will be driven approximately 15,000 miles per year and use 10,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity over the two-year lease term to charge it.  For a one-time payment of $48.00, ActiveE drivers can purchase renewable energy certificates to match their estimated electricity usage over the life of the two year vehicle lease.  

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Indirect green electricity
In fact, as BMW notes on the FAQ page for the program, ActiveE drivers who elect to participate won’t technically be driving directly on electricity generated by renewable sources. As BMW explains, “It is impossible to direct any specific electron that travels through the electric grid. However, it does mean that the electricity being supplied to the grid on behalf of your ActiveE comes from clean, renewable wind energy rather than fossil fuels.”

That’s definitely a good thing, as it helps to drive renewable energy development, and, in the long run, helps create a grid that is increasingly powered by renewables. That’s ultimately the greatest beauty of EVs. In stark contrast to gasoline powered cars — which will never run on renewable energy — EVs can plug into green energy, both directly, and indirectly.

That’s so cool we started a web site devoted to covering and promoting the EV + PV strand of the electric car + renewable energy synergy three years ago. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that EVs can be and, in many cases, are being powered by renewable energy, both directly, and indirectly, we wouldn’t be on the EV bandwagon at all.

It’s possible BMW would be on that EV wagon either way, but we’re glad to see that the German auto company is doing the right thing and working hard to promote this revolutionary synergy. In fact, a few months ago, BMW announced it was working with Real Goods Solar to help offer ActiveE drivers home solar at a special price.

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