I’m driving on sunshine: Take that Ahmadinejad!

How cool is this: George P. Shultz, who served as U.S. Secretary of State from 1982-1989 for President Ronald Reagan, is driving a Nissan LEAF on sunshine.

Yes, that’s right, a former Secretary of State for a Republican President is plugging an EV into home solar!

Shultz, who lives in Northern California not far from the campus of Stanford University, talks up the sheer satisfaction that comes with solar-charged driving in the YouTube video above [Check it out — it’s definitely worth a watch!].

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Electricity from the sun
Our favorite Shultz quip, delivered, like the rest of his narrative, in an oddly compelling, dry, matter-of-fact manner:

“I have my electric car running on electricity from the sun, which costs me nothing – and there’s plenty of it here. So I’m driving on sunshine – take that Ahmadinejad!”

Yup, that’s right – no Iranian or foreign oil for Shultz. In fact, the former U.S. Secretary of State doesn’t need a drop of oil from anywhere to motor around in his solar-charged LEAF.

George, we have to say: That’s just plain awesome. And thank you for the huge boost you’re going to give solar-charged driving by going public with the story of how you, personally, have managed to kick America’s biggest addiction: Oil!


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