GM EV/PV ‘Solar Tree’ features MAGE modules

envsion-gm-solar-treeA recently unveiled ‘Solar Tree®’ with several integrated electric car charging stations at GM’s Warren, Mich. facility features high efficiency MAGE POWERTEC PLUS® PV modules.

The 14.4 kW Solar Tree® allows up to six electric vehicles to charge simultaneously.

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Solar tracking increases efficiency
Using 60 MAGE POWERTEC PLUS 230/6 modules, the sun-tracking system was designed, built, and installed by Envision Solar. Envision Solar has been chosen by General Motors to provide clean energy-car charging stations for the Chevy Volt.

“General Motors is leading the way in their commitment to clean energy in the automobile industry,” said Joe Thomas, President and CEO of MAGE SOLAR USA

According to Envision, its multi-axis sun-tracking Solar Tree® increases annual yield up to 25%. In addition to soaking up the sun’s energy, the Solar Tree visibly signals General Motor’s commitment to sustainability. Each Solar Tree® provides shade and shelter from the elements as well.

“The greatly reduced lifecycle costs are a win-win situation for our customers and shareholders and the environment,” said Desmond Wheatley, President of Envision Solar.

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