REC Solar/GE partnership fuels growing trend

rec-solar-ge-wattstationYes, the American solar industry is really starting to wake up to the potential of solar PV to power EVs and the potential of EVs to power PV growth.

Take, for example, REC Solar, the solar company that installed our 5.59 kW residential system here in Colorado about year and a half ago. It’s joining forces with GE to distribute the GE WattStation EV charger.

In teaming up with GE, REC Solar joins the growing ranks of solar, EV charging station and auto industry companies forming synergistic relationships to tap the unique potential of the solar + EV combination.

Other PV + EV partnerships
Among the other companies which have created interesting PV + EV partnerships: SolarCity, which has partnered with EV charging station company ClipperCreek in the U.S. and, in New Zealand, with Mitsubishi, Ford, which has partnered with SunPower, and GM, which has partnered with SunLogics.

As a press release announcing the REC Solar/GE joint effort excitedly puts it, “The partnership signals the movement toward the inevitable collision of two rapidly growing sustainability movements — solar and electric vehicles — for a cleaner, more secure world.”

Solar-powered charging stations expand the economic benefits of EV ownership while enhancing the environmental and energy saving benefits.

SolarChargedDriving.Com couldn’t put it better, although we can say that we told you so, REC Solar – and the rest of the world – more than two years ago when we first launched what is still the only site we know of on the web devoted to covering and promoting the revolutionary solar + EV synergy 🙂

We’ll quote the press release a couple more times below – not because you haven’t heard SolarChargedDriving.Com make similar observations, but because it’s just so cool to see more and more people saying what we’ve been saying for the past two years, and what individual EV + PV pioneers – many of whom we’ve profiled on our web pages — have been saying for quite a bit longer than us.

Goodbye to fossil fuel dependence
Here are some of my favorites:

  • “Solar-powered charging stations expand the economic benefits of EV ownership while enhancing the environmental and energy saving benefits.”
  • “Looking ahead to a future transportation system freed from dependence on fossil fuels, REC Solar and GE are taking steps to create an end-to-end solar EV charging system that will enable our cars to literally run on sunshine.”
  • “The cost of driving a solar-charged EV may be 66 percent less than a gas-powered car, according to a recent study by GTM Research.”

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Finally, we’ll let REC Solar CEO Lee Johnson talk up solar-charged driving:

“We are excited to be a distributor for the GE WattStation to address growing demand for the integration of EV charging stations into the solar installation process,” said Lee Johnson, CEO of REC Solar. “By incorporating solar, our electrical grids won’t be overwhelmed by the influx of EV chargers. And the more solar energy is used with electric vehicles, the cleaner the environment becomes.”

Yes indeed, yes indeed 🙂

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