Welcoming longer, sunnier solar days

sun-back-feb-2011editors-blog-entry3Here comes the sun again!

After two and a half months in which we essentially stood still in terms of generating excess kWh with our 5.59 kW solar system due to winter’s shorter, grayer and snowier days, we’re finally driving forward again on our banked Sun Miles® total here in Aurora, Colo.

Frankly, it’s seemed like a long 80 days or so, made longer by a stretch in which snow on our solar system basically shut it down for 10 straight days (many of them blue-sky sunny, by the way).

Even though we’ve been plodding along in terms of solar production for almost three months, we’ve still managed to produce more kWh than we’ve used in every single month that we’ve had solar. This includes December, when we produced 450 kWh of electricity and used 410 kWh, and January, which saw us generate 450 kWh of electricity and use 380 kWh.

We’re definitely going to be in the plus for February, too, despite the entire first week being lost to snow.

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And it’s all looking up – as in the sun’s up higher and longer in the sky! – from now until the middle of November 2011, by which time, we might (finally!) have an electric car in our garage, ready to tap into the electricity we’ve been pumping out with our home solar system.

So, after a long winter and spring finally almost here, I’m beginning to get that euphoric, “over-production” feel that I had for the first four months we had solar.

Just part of being the solar and solar + electric car geek that I am, albeit one who’s still not in possession of that electric car just yet 🙂

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