Volt + LEAF + solar combo = little to no gas


editors-blog-entry3We want to replace our two aging gasoline cars with one pure electric vehicle (EV) and one plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and power both with solar electricity generated by our home solar system.

We’re not alone in our desire to transform our two gasoline car household into one in which as much of our driving as possible in two vehicles is sun-powered rather than oil-powered.

We know of at least one SolarChargedDriving.Com reader who’s soon going to be solar-charging a pure EV – a Nissan LEAF – and a PHEV – a Chevy Volt. In fact, he’ll almost certainly become the first person in the U.S., and probably the world, to solar-charge both an EV and a PHEV.

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We stumbled across another a few days ago in reading a story in the San Jose Mercury News about the historic Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt launches this past week.

According to the Mercury News, Aptos, Calif. resident Richard Corcoran plans “to buy a LEAF and a Volt.”

Solar-charging reduces oil consumption
That’s not all the semi-retired doctor is doing to combat what he says is one of the world’s most pressing problems: The rapid rate at which we’re depleting our oil supply.

Corcoran, who’s test driven the LEAF, the Volt and the plug-in Prius, will be running both his LEAF and Volt off of solar electricity generated by a home solar system.

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Hats off to Corcoran and his wife – and any and all other two-car households that will soon be kicking the gas habit and running two cars as close as possible to 100-percent on solar electricity.

There might not be many of us yet. But there are more of us than many people think.

And after neighbors see what we’re doing – running two cars off of clean, renewable, affordable, domestic solar electricity generated right at home – we’re certain there’ll be more of us.

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