More evidence solar carports are taking off


In keeping with our theme this week — solar carports — here’s some more news that clearly shows the solarization of parking areas is taking off:

  • The Solaire Generation solar carport in New Jersey which will be the biggest in the U.S. at 4.1 megawatts when it’s completed will consist of 11,350 solar panels, cover 1,350 parking spaces, have 1.1 miles of canopies, and each year will provide the energy equivalent of the annual electric consumption of more than 320 U.S. households.
  • Arizona State University is intalling 10,000 solar panels in the form of a shade canopy over the top of three of the school’s parking lots as part of a solar project that will see ASU’s west campus cover 50 percent of its total electricity use with solar-generated electricity when it’s completed.

If you haven’t seen our other recent story on solar carports and solar-powered EV charging stations, which includes a chronological list of 16 embedded YouTube videos on solar carports and solar-powered EV charing stations, most posted to YouTube within the last year or so, please check it out. There are some pretty interesting — and inspiring — videos.