Another reason to solar-charge: Tanker crashes

tanker-truck-video2editors-blog-entry3As a solar-charged driver you won’t contribute to need for the wasteful and dangerous practice of transporting gasoline on highways around the world.

Instead, you’ll just plug in and get the energy you need to drive your car right from your home’s rooftop. Nothing could be simpler or more efficient.

This means — if you own EVs only — that you won’t be at all responsible for the gasoline and oil tanker truck accidents that occur on roadways in the U.S. and around the world.

If you have one solar-charged EV and one gas car, preferably a plug-in hybrid electric car or a hybrid, you’ll be able to say that you’re reducing the amount of gasoline that has to be transported via tanker trunk to your local gas station.

In other words, you’ll reduce your responsibility for the events that inspire news headlines like these:

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Tanker trunk crashes are comparatively rare, with a typical year in the U.S. seeing somewhere between 200 and 300 crashes involving tanker trucks (this total includes all tanker trunks, not just those carrying gasoline, oil or diesel). Only about five to 10 percent of those end up flames.

But people do die every year in these crashes — and an electric car world would dramatically reduce the number of these crashes. That’s because everyone would fuel up by plugging in at home, thus eliminating the need for the inefficient and potentially dangerous transportation of gasoline by truck.

So, why not buy an electric car and plug it into solar and make the world a safer place for us all?

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