Solar car shield cools car and powers it too

Car with a solar 'shelf' shield on itSoon, you might be able to unsheathe a sleek solar shield to keep your parked car cool in the sun while simultaneously generating energy for its batteries.

A designer from China, Leon Zhu, has taken second place in Design Boom’s Green Life Competition for his solar shield for automobiles. Nearly 4,000 designers from 96 countries participated in the Green Life Competition.

A rear wing, or spoiler, stores the solar cell film while you’re driving. When the car is parked, the solar cell board unfolds, becoming a sunshine cover and solar energy collector.

Zhu says the energy generated by the board can provide for the air-conditioner, tail light and other electronic equipment.

Here’s hoping that in the future similar solar shields will be developed specifically with EVs and PHEVs in mind.

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