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Mr. President: We can drive our cars on sunshine


Long-time electric vehicle and solar supporter Paul Scott is spending more than $30,000 of his own money so that he can bring the renewable energy + EV message directly to President Obama.

paul-scottIf you had something important to say to the President, how much would you spend to get his ear?

On June 7, I'll be eating lunch with President Obama for $32,400. Two dozen other high-dollar donors will be there, but I'll be the only one in the room who does his own laundry. I'm not wealthy--I'm spending a large percentage of my retirement savings, at age 60, to sit at the table.


Because it's a deeply troubling time in our country and in our world. Whether you choose to believe it or not, climate change is a greater threat to life on Earth than at any time in modern history.

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Spring means more solar-charged EV miles


The back of Tom Moloughney's BMW ActiveE with his home's solar gas tank, aka his home solar PV system, in the background. [Photo Courtesy of Tom Moloughney]

Now that spring has rolled in the temperature isn't the only thing that's going up: So is my solar electric production.

My 8.775 kW system can produce up to 60 kWh a day under ideal conditions. That's enough to power my all-electric ActiveE over 200 miles, or enough to power it about 100 miles and supply all the power my house needs for an average day.

Pretty cool stuff. Powering my car and my house for the day on pure sunlight is really awesome.

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EV + solar PV delivers $300k of ‘sunny money’


[Photo Courtesy of Peder Norby]

peder-norby-guestDuring the past six years, my wife Julie and I have generated 60 megawatt hours of electricity with our 7.5 kW home solar system – and we’ve driven more than 60,000 of what SolarChargedDriving.Com calls Sun Miles®, meaning miles driven by an electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) whose batteries have been charged using solar energy and/or using electricity from kWh credits amassed via solar offset generation.

Differently put, for the past six years, we’ve owned our own solar micro power plant.

By July of 2012, the $30,000 we spent on our solar PV system was completely recovered by the savings in utility and gasoline cost.

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We'll never fight a war to fuel solar EVs


Peder and Julie Norby's solar-charged BMW ActiveE and Honda Fit EV. [Photo Courtesy of Peder Norby]

“The only path to energy and climate security is a comprehensive energy infrastructure focused on renewable resources and improved, harmless-emission fuels.”   
--Maj. Gen. Anthony L. Jackson, USMC (Ret.), Fossil fuel dependence leaves America vulnerable

peder-norby-guestIn 2006 with the construction of our family home, my wife Julie and I began to do our share to help reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil, much of which comes from dangerous places in the Middle East.

That’s when we started to shift to car fueling self reliance by adding solar PV to our new home. We also began our shift away from gasoline towards electricity.

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Solar fuel for EVs 20 times cheaper than gas

solarev-vs-gas-costs2Most of us are going to be driving for about 50 years. I have been driving for 33 years and plan on driving another 30, hopefully in all electric BMWs. peder-norby-guestAbove is a flow graph I put together that shows the basic flow of energy and cost for gasoline and for solar electricity. This is the true "cost of fuel" for driving during those 50 years.

The graph is simple to understand. It does not include external cost such as the protection of oil, propping up oil supplying countries, clean up of oil, environmental or healthcare cost, nor does it include the cost of grid electricity at night when an electric car normally charges. Electricity at night is generally cheaper and of lesser value than the electricity provided by solar during the peak hours.

Nor does the graph include the price of the cars themselves. A reasonable argument can be made for both the gasoline car and the electric car as to which one will be cheaper to own and maintain for the next 50 years. I'm betting on the electric car :)

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