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Your choice: Renewables here, or wars abroad?

solar-on-homesWhat would you rather see America invest in -- wars abroad to protect fossil fuel interests, or clean, locally and domestically produced, limitless energy here at home?

Enough said, right?


Germany and Italy surpass U.S. on solar

germany-italy-us-solarNot much more to add to this infographic other than: Hey, America, c'mon! We've got way more land than Italy and way more sun than Germany. Yet, sadly, we've got less solar than both.

With all due respect to the Germans and Italians -- actually, a hats off is in order :-) -- there's no reason for America not to be the world solar leader. If only we could get our act together and muster the political will that would get us there.


Solar EV duo uses solar to aid Sandy victims


Rob van Haaren's and Garrett Fiztgerald's unique portable solar PV system laid out near Rockaway Beach, New York, where it produced electricity for people out of power in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. [Photo Courtesy of SolarJourneyUSA.Com]

Columbia University graduate students Rob van Haaren and Garrett Fitzgerald have been working to put together a solar-charged EV journey across America for a couple of years now. In fact, SolarChargedDriving.Com has been following the pair faithfully as they prepare for their historic journey, which looks like it will take place in the Summer of 2013.

Van Haaren and Fitzgerald have made a lot of progress, including the completion of a state-of-the-art portable solar array they’ll bring with them to charge the EV they’ll be driving across America on 100-percent solar-produced electricity.

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President Obama, unite America with solar

obama-solar-white-houseA couple of years ago the Obama Administration said it would put solar panels on the White House.

So far, they haven’t followed through. Now is the time to do so.

Americans of all political stripes support solar in overwhelming numbers. Most Americans also want a more united America.

So, President Obama, congratulations on your re-election! Now, let’s get to work on bringing America together again.

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Americans get it: Solar creates jobs at home

solar-stimulate-economyMost Americans apparently recognize that solar -- whose installation is actually highly labor intensive -- creates jobs, as this infographic indicates.

Now, if only we could more of America's politicians -- large numbers of whom are clearly in bed with Big Oil and Dirty Coal -- to recognize the same thing...

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