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EV + renewables crucial to sustainability says prof


Professor David Gao teaches students about solar energy at the University of Denver. [Photo Credit: Morgan Tilton]

The technology needed to sustain an environmentally friendly grid exists. What is needed are experts who are driven to research these technologies, teach others about their benefits, and incorporate them into the public sphere.

University of Denver Professor David Gao fits the profile.

“My main goal is to make use of energy from nature,” explains Gao, whose present work focuses on renewable resource utilization and efficiency issues.

Gao’s research delves into renewable energy, electric power systems, smart grid technology, and hybrid electric vehicles.

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Key EV and PV tax incentives on the line


Congress will soon decide the fate of two tax incentives critical to the future of solar-charged driving. [Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

Two crucial tax incentives, one integral to solar, the other crucial to electric vehicles, are set to expire at the end of 2010. Both solar and EV advocates are working feverishly to ensure the tax measures stay – which is no sure thing given the political uncertainty on Capitol Hill right now -- and both could use your help.

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Solar advocate: 'White House, go solar today!'


A drive is underway to convince President Obama to put solar panels on the White House. (Wikipedia.org Creative Commons License Photo)

President Obama has frequently talked about the significance of greening America. And, to his credit, he has taken political and economic action to do exactly this.

Now, Solar Fred, a.k.a Tor Valenza, is trying to persuade President Obama to take his greening of America drive to a personal level and install solar panels on the White House.

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Ten + things you can do to drive solar forward

solar panels, flowers, toyota priusIf you are interested in promoting solar energy, and solar-charged driving, there are a number of things you can do.

We offer a partial list below. We anticipate adding more ideas to this list as they come to mind -- and as readers contact us with ideas.

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Support Repower America's renewable energy wall

Repower America WallRepower America -- Screen shot
Repower America is devoted to promoting the incredible vision of a completely renewable-energy fired America within a few short years. This wall is a really cool feature that allows you -- and millions of other Americans -- to make clear what, unforunately, a few powerful Big Oil and Dirty Coal elites don't want to hear: America wants to go renewable -- and we want to go right now! Post to the wall today -- and make your voice heard!


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