Concept cruise ship uses sails, solar


The concept ship in the video above incorporates sails, natural gas, recycling and solar, among other things, to help green the modern day cruise ship.

Perhaps the coolest thing about it is the ways in which it harnesses wind and air to reduce fossil fuel consumption.

You can clearly see the sails. However, less obvious, but perhaps equally important in terms of increasing efficiency is the use of a layer of air that gets pumped between the ship and the water to increase buoyancy and reduce water drag.

In fact, despite the title of the video -- ‘Cruise Ship Powered by Wind and Solar Energy’ – the female narrator doesn’t explicitly mention solar. However, we think we can see some solar panels on some of the video shots of this very cool concept ship.

Even if they aren’t there – and we assume they are – it’s nonetheless a good looking cruise ship, one that appears to be significantly greener than ships that run exclusively on diesel fuel.

Of course, probably the greenest thing to do is not to go on a cruise at all.

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