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They're water skiing in Dec. this year in Colorado


wc-dec2-highs"We are losing control of our ability to get a handle on the global warming problem."
--Andrew Weaver, Climate Scientist at the University of Victoria in Canada

editors-blog-entry3Highs have been in the 60s and 70s virtually all month in November here in Denver, Colo. And December 2012 has started the same way.

People were water skiing on Cherry Creek Reservoir, a couple of miles from our Aurora, Colo. house on Dec. 1-2, which, BTW, has less water in it than I've seen in eight years we've been here.

The U.S. lower 48 are on pace for warmest year ever. Globally, 11 of the top 12 warmest years on recored have occurred since 2000 and every year since 1979 has seen above average temperatures.

But, hey, not to worry, climate change is just a hoax, right?

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