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picture of oil rig with pic of sunset superimposed on right sideEnergy is an inherently political topic. In the “On Sun and Fossil Fuels” blog section, I’ll focus in particular on the often highly-charged politics of sun (and renewable energy) and fossil fuels. Thanks in large part to the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States there is far more political momentum behind the “greening” of America and its economy than in the days of “W”. I hope to help build this momentum, if perhaps in a small way, through my “On Sun and Fossil Fuels” blogging entries.

Elon Musk: Oil & gas where real subsidies are

elon-musk-on-oil-sudsidieseditors-blog-entry3Ah, gotta love Tesla Motors CO Elon Musk!

He always has a comeback, and it's always spot on.

Not much more I can say about the advocacy graphic above than that. In fact, the graphic, and Musk's quote, speak for themselves :-)



Why everything is political--electric cars included


I'm positively gleeful that oil companies haven't received a penny from me for 14 months. But does my in-your-face activism turn people off? If so -- and I'm not sure it does -- as far as I'm concernded the only people who are going to be turned off are the very last people on earth likely to go electric anyway. So screw 'em!

editors-blog-entry3I'm a political activist at heart. Have been since the age of 11, and always will be for better and/or for worse -- depending on your perspective.

I'm literally incapable of being a follower or of swiming with the mainstream -- though I might be a happier person if I had this capacity.

I don't mean that I'll show up at work one day in a pink dress and tights, although I think it's radically silly and dumb that if I wanted to do this, that I would be "forbidden" from doing so by larger social norms.

Pink dresses for men aren't important to my personal identity, but I acknowledge they are for other men - good for them!

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Getting conservatives to support EV + PV


[ABOVE] The link and picture from a story about how national parks are adding EV charging stations posted by the Colorado Renewable Energy Society that came through my Facebook feed recently.

editors-blog-entry3First, I want to say I know there are quite a few conservatives and right-leaning libertarians who drive electric cars and many who power/fuel their EVs with home solar. They are tapping into the great joy and independence and freedom of solar-charged driving, with independence and freedom being values often associated with political conservativism.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of conservatives who are downright anti-electric vehicle and downright anti-solar. And the sad thing is, I think too many, maybe most of these people, are anti-EV and anti-solar simply because they view electric cars and solar as being somehow "liberal".

In other words, they're not against electric vehicles and solar, and solar-charged driving because they're inherently against EVs, PV and the independence that EV + PV delivers. They're against them simply because "liberals" are for these things.

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Why are some libertarians so anti EV+PV?

subsidies-solar-vs-ffeditors-blog-entry3Amazing how many people are (willfully?) ignorant about the billions in tax breaks fossil fuels and Big Oil get. And I'm supposed to feel bad because I've gone solar and drive a solar-charged EV? Gimme a break...

See the comment stream below this Grist.Org article -- 'Now is the time to invest in solar, because people are stupid' -- for more of the anti-EV, pro- Big Oil position (I use the handle cbdh19 in case you want to help support me. Sadly this position is espoused by self-declared right wing libertarians who, in theory, should be for the fueling independence that solar-charged driving delivers. In fact, a lot of right wing libertarians are EV + PV, but it seems like a lot more are inexplicably against EV + PV and for the Big Utility and Big Oil model.

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