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Caught on video: Santa delivers a Tesla


If you've been reading SolarChargedDriving.Com recently, you know that my brother recently got a Tesla Model S, and that it just so happened that it arrived just in time for Christmas.

I got a brief ride in the Model S Performance version with my brother a couple of days ago -- and I'm hoping to be able to do a fairly thorough test drive and review sometime in the next couple of weeks. But, until I get a chance to get three or four hours to shoot the footage I'd need to do a semi-decent video review of the Model S, this goofy Christmas video above will have to suffice.

Hope you enjoy it -- and that, in the spirit of the Holidays, you "gift" this video to others by sharing the link.

The more people who hop on the electric car express in 2013 the merrier, right ;-) ?

Cheers -- and Happy New Year!


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