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A Tesla Model S for Christmas


tesla-model-S-x-maseditors-blog-entry3Talk about a great Christmas present!

My brother and his wife and their children now stand as one of only about 50 households in the entire state of Colorado with a Tesla Model S (the performance version, no less!).

After plunking down $5,000 more than two years ago on the Model S, the beautiful metallic blue testament to the reality of EVs kicking some serious gas-car butt arrived in my brother’s and his wife’s Boulder, Colo. driveway at about 7 p.m. Monday evening.

I haven’t seen it yet – we live about 90 miles, round trip, from Boulder, in Aurora, Colo. (BTW, that’s within easy range of the Tesla Model S!). Plus, a snowstorm hit us today.

But I hope to get up there soon to check it out.

Personal test drive on horizon?
Hopefully, eventually I’ll be able to do a review, ideally a video review, and get it up on SolarChargedDriving.Com.

I’m also lobbying Thomas to write some blog entries about his experience of merging onto the highway of solar-electric driving – he and his wife have a 2 kW system on their home’s rooftop, and they’re likely going to be expanding that another 3 to 4 kW, and possibly even adding a 10 kW battery storage pack via SolarCity’s solar + battery storage pilot program.

Hope Thomas is persuaded by my lobbying and ends up regularly writing and taking pictures for SolarChargedDriving.Com.

I’m betting there are more than a few folks out there who would love to read about a new owner’s experience with a Model S, considering there are probably no more than 1,000 out there right now. I’m also guessing the majority of those are in the warm weather climate of California – although Thomas did tell me that Elon Musk’s brother, who also lives in Boulder, was the first to get a Model S in Boulder.

In any case, look for updates on my brother’s new Model S – really, it belongs to the whole family, not just him ;-). In fact, his wife was initially a bit anxious about the Model S – until she took it for a test drive about two months ago. She became an immediate EV convert!

I’m also hoping to get a test drive in the Model S (hint, hint Thomas ;-). If I do, I’ll definitely be blogging galore about it in multimedia form (video, pics, words) on SolarChargedDriving.Com.

Stay tuned :-)

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