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Dissing a solar-charged Tesla Model S


Who's the loser who gave a great ad touting a solar-charged Tesla a thumbs down on YouTube? [Hint: it's not this guy, 'ShepDave', whose Flickr.Com Creative Commons photo we grabbed for this. Thank you 'ShepDave'!]

editors-blog-entry3So, an advertising professional puts up an awesome video ad touting solar-charged driving and sun-powered Teslas on YouTube, within three days it hits 23,000 views and garners universal praise, along with 465 likes – and then some LOSER comes along and gives the video a thumbs down.

Say what!?

What’s not to like about 100-percent emissions-free, solar-charged, oil-free driving?

Oh wait, that must be it! Some shil for Big Oil finally watched the ad ;-)

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