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3 steps to leaving gasoline behind for solar

editors-blog-entry3Yes, solar can, and DOES, replace oil, despite what the so-called "expert" energy analysts claim -- which is that solar is not in direct competition with oil.

The video above, which I produced today (June 27, 2015), illustrates that solar does indeed replace oil!

I've been using solar energy to replace oil for 18 months now in my 2014 Nissan LEAF. It's been 100 percent powered with home solar generated electricity and so-called solar-offset generated electricity.

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Tesla delivers the tools for #griddefection

tesla-and-powerwalleditors-blog-entry3Yes! I am SOOOO stoked: Tesla announced yesterday that "Tesla Energy" will be producing home battery packs called "Powerwalls."

The Powerwall will allow people like me -- I've got a 5.6 kW solar system on my home's roof -- to store the solar energy I produce during the day and then use it at night to do things like, hmmm..., I don't know -- maybe charge my all-electric Nissan LEAF with pure solar generated electricity!!!

That. Is. Freaking. Awesome.

Truly. Is.

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Does using solar offset to 'fuel' an electric car make it a zero air pollution car - or is that lying?


Is it misleading for me to put a bumper sticker on my 2014 Nissan LEAF, which is primarily charged via solar-offset electricity, that states the car is a Zero Air Pollution vehicle? [Photo by Christof Demont-Heinrich]

editors-blog-entry3Yes, I know, the headline for this entry is pretty charged, and, I will say, right up front, I don't think solar-charged driving is a lie.

However I do concede that after more than five years of promoting solar-charged driving on this web site and more than one year of doing EV + PV myself, I still feel uncomfortable with the fact that most of my "solar-charged" driving is in fact, technically speaking, "solar-offset-charged" driving.

That is, I charge my 2014 Nissan LEAF mostly at night, when the sun isn't shining, though, on weekends I try to make a point of plugging my EV in as much as I can during the day.

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I'm driving an electric car nearly for free


Driving a solar-charged electric car means you save money -- and it's also patriotic. After all, you're fueling your car with 100 percent domestic solar sunshine generated electricity.

editors-blog-entry3Would you like to drive for free?

I bet you would. And I bet you're not coming anywhere close, unless you don't drive but walk, bike, or take public transportation, or a combination thereof, and/or you subscribe to some sort of car sharing plan -- all of which I strongly support.

I'm not driving my 2014 Nissan LEAF SV for free, but I'm coming pretty close by taking advantage of what I will call the EV + PV Free Ride.

Across my two-year lease (which includes 12,000 miles per year), I will pay a total of $10,000 to Nissan to drive my LEAF. But that's not what my out-of-pocket costs will actually amount to. They will be half that.

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When the Nissan LEAF is your ONLY car


The Nissan LEAF has between 70 and 100 miles of range, depending on weather conditions, speed, etc.

editors-blog-entry3I did not plan on having an all-electric Nissan LEAF as my ONLY car. But that's the situation I've got now -- and had for the past four months thanks to a marriage separation that happened in the beginning of August.

(I apologize for the caps on "ONLY" -- sort of. I bet 90 percent, maybe even 95 percent of LEAF owners have a second gas/EREV/PHEV car as their long-distance vehicle, meaning my situation is highly unusual. Note to Nissan: You should keep track of stats on who's driving a LEAF as a second car, or an only car.)

My wife took our lone gas car, a 2014 Subaru Forester, with her back in August, and I have our 2014 Nissan LEAF, which I've been leasing since March.

No doubt, for most people, including me, having a second gas car in the household, or better yet, an EREV such as a Volt (having one BEV and one EREV, both fueled by home solar generated electricity was my dream, but not my wife's) is a preferable situation to trying to go solely with a full electric vehicle -- unless you've got the money for a Tesla Model S.

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Solar-charged Nissan LEAF an 'inspiration'

leaf noteSometimes when you do the right thing -- like power an electric car with sunshine, something I've been doing for about 10 months -- you get recognition for doing so.

editors-blog-entry3The handwritten note in the picture to the right was placed on the windshield of my 2014 Nissan LEAF this morning. My LEAF has the vanity plate, 'SOLPWRD'. Here's what the note says -->

'SOLPWRD -- I love your car + that it's solar powered! Inspirational! :-) I want one!'

Yup, this little gesture of kindness, definitely made my day :-).

Anyone else out there have stories similar to this one? If so, please share them in the comments field below.

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