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When the Nissan LEAF is your ONLY car


The Nissan LEAF has between 70 and 100 miles of range, depending on weather conditions, speed, etc.

editors-blog-entry3I did not plan on having an all-electric Nissan LEAF as my ONLY car. But that's the situation I've got now -- and had for the past four months thanks to a marriage separation that happened in the beginning of August.

(I apologize for the caps on "ONLY" -- sort of. I bet 90 percent, maybe even 95 percent of LEAF owners have a second gas/EREV/PHEV car as their long-distance vehicle, meaning my situation is highly unusual. Note to Nissan: You should keep track of stats on who's driving a LEAF as a second car, or an only car.)

My wife took our lone gas car, a 2014 Subaru Forester, with her back in August, and I have our 2014 Nissan LEAF, which I've been leasing since March.

No doubt, for most people, including me, having a second gas car in the household, or better yet, an EREV such as a Volt (having one BEV and one EREV, both fueled by home solar generated electricity was my dream, but not my wife's) is a preferable situation to trying to go solely with a full electric vehicle -- unless you've got the money for a Tesla Model S.

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Solar-charged Nissan LEAF an 'inspiration'

leaf noteSometimes when you do the right thing -- like power an electric car with sunshine, something I've been doing for about 10 months -- you get recognition for doing so.

editors-blog-entry3The handwritten note in the picture to the right was placed on the windshield of my 2014 Nissan LEAF this morning. My LEAF has the vanity plate, 'SOLPWRD'. Here's what the note says -->

'SOLPWRD -- I love your car + that it's solar powered! Inspirational! :-) I want one!'

Yup, this little gesture of kindness, definitely made my day :-).

Anyone else out there have stories similar to this one? If so, please share them in the comments field below.

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Running our electric car on sun in Colorado


That's our 2014 Nissan LEAF plugged in to a solar EV charging station in Boulder, Colo. -- with the custom plates SOLPWRD.

Took a trip from Aurora, Colo. to Boulder, Colo. today in our 2014 solar-charged Nissan LEAF -- and racked up 114 Sun Miles in the process. That's the most I've driven in the LEAF -- which we've had about 2 months -- on a single day.

editors-blog-entry3Plugged into a solar-charging station (check out the photo at right, which is a postcard perfect one for the joys and wonders of Driving on Sunshine) in Boulder briefly to make sure I had enough charge to get back home. 

Yes, you can Run Your Car on Sun, completely emissions free, have fun in the process, and save money as well. If you calculate 30 m.p.g. and $4 per gallon as the point of comparison, we've saved more than $300 worth of gas while zooming around in our zippy solar-charged LEAF SV for about 2,400 miles so far.

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Home solar PV + EV = solar-charged driving

volt-solar-home-photoeditors-blog-entry3I’m not sure of the original source of the photo/infographic to the right – the Oregon Electric Vehicle Association posted it to its Facebook page.

But the source doesn’t really matter as much as the content (still, a big pat on the back to the person who created it – and who owns the solar-charged Volt). The content clearly illustrates how home solar + a plug-in vehicle such as a Chevy Volt produces a unique fueling and electric storage situation, or really, equation.

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Democratic Committee denies EV + PV advocate

dnceditors-blog-entry3So, I just published a guest column from long-time EV and EV + PV advocate Paul Scott in which he wrote excitedly about an upcoming opportunity he anticipated having in which he was going to be able to talk to President Obama personally about EVs and solar-charged driving. Scott was planning to pay more than $30,000 to attend a fundraising event at which he could press the flesh with the President.

Turns out Scott won't be getting his chance. According to a story on Mother Nature Network, the Democratic National Committee has returned Scott's check. Apprently the right-wing blogsphere was blowing a lot of hot wind (fancy that, eh?) about Scott "paying off" Obama to push his oh-so-outrageous "green" agenda.

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NYT fesses up on Model S-Gate -- Sort of


NYT Public Editor Margaret Sullivan is fairly critical of John Broder's Model S test drive in a brand new blog entry on 'Model S-Gate'.

editors-blog-entry3A quick follow-up to my entry on the NYT-inspired “Model S Gate”: The New York Times put its Reader Representative Margaret Sullivan on the Tesla Model S case. In an entry published today (Feb. 18), Sullivan concludes that NYT reporter John Broder wasn’t as careful as he should have been in following written directions which explain how to properly do a long-distance trip in a Model S. She also chides Tesla for not sufficiently emphasizing the proper long-distance Model S regimen with Broder.

However, the real news in terms of my previous entry in which I contend Tesla CEO Elon Musk is right to take on gas cars on their home field, the long-distance road trip, is that, sadly (believe me, I would love for most consumers to give EVs a fair chance), a bunch of the comments below Sullivan’s article confirm what I argue in my earlier column: The average person emphasizes convenience and versatility above ALL other factors when weighing whether to ditch an old technology (gas cars) for a new one (pure EVs).

Check out this doozy of a comment from “Nancy” from Great Neck, complete with “high” caliber grammar and spelling -->


Believe me, there are many other similar comments below Sullivan’s entry.

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