Poll: Solar-charging
What is the most enticing reason to solar-charge a car?

Top 10 Reasons to Solar-Charge an EV!

10. You help drive solar – and EVs – forward!
9. No more trips to the gas station – ever!
8. Big long-term savings – and no more money to Big Oil!
7. “Drill, Baby, Drill!” crowd eats crow!
6. G-L-O-B-A-L W-A-R-M-I-N-G
5. Complete fuel independence!
4. Cleaner air – in your garage, in your neighborhood, in your city, everywhere!
3. A solar-charged EV is a true ZEV (zero emissions vehicle)!
2. The looks on neighbors’ faces when you tell them you power your car with sun…
1. Is there anything cooler than running your car off the sun?

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Don't text and die


editors-blog-entry3I'm on a roll on the don't text and drive thing, sorry.

In fact, I could do a whole web site on texting/surfing and driving and I've actually contemplated starting one -- but then reality hits: There's no way I'd have time for that. I struggle to get new content up on SolarChargedDriving.Com as it is.

So, I'll continue to use SolarChargedDriving.Com as an outlet to fight the crucial battle against the texting/surfing and driving epidemic. And, of course, solar-charged or not, a 4,000 pound vehicle moving at high rates of speeds is a deadly weapon, one whose navigation requires 100 percent of our attention all of the time.

The texting & driving epidemic
Texting/surfing while driving truly is an epidemic. Take a look around at other drivers around you and you can't miss this basic fact (and it's way, way, way bigger a problem than doing make-up, eating while driving, etc.).

I urge you to watch the 30 second video above (even if you're thinking you don't want to -- I thought that too, to be honest; but I did watch it).Then, share it with others. I did, as you can see by the screen shot below.

The message is clear. And it couldn't be more important. It's a matter of life and death.


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