Poll: Solar-charging
What is the most enticing reason to solar-charge a car?

Top 10 Reasons to Solar-Charge an EV!

10. You help drive solar – and EVs – forward!
9. No more trips to the gas station – ever!
8. Big long-term savings – and no more money to Big Oil!
7. “Drill, Baby, Drill!” crowd eats crow!
6. G-L-O-B-A-L W-A-R-M-I-N-G
5. Complete fuel independence!
4. Cleaner air – in your garage, in your neighborhood, in your city, everywhere!
3. A solar-charged EV is a true ZEV (zero emissions vehicle)!
2. The looks on neighbors’ faces when you tell them you power your car with sun…
1. Is there anything cooler than running your car off the sun?

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After 21 years, goodbye to my Acura


Not many people buy a car new, and hold on to it for 21 years. I did -- before selling my Acura Integra officially today, Mon. July 15, 2013. [Photo by Christof Demont-Heinrich]

editors-blog-entry31992 ACURA INTEGRA: SOLD FOR $1,600. TODAY. JULY 15, 2013.

Okay, I know I already said I was looking forward to a car-less year in Germany. But I have to admit to feeling a bit wistful after selling my 1992 Acura Integra about an hour ago. I bought my Integra new 21 1/2 years ago on a cool April day in Nashua, New Hampshire, for about $15,000. Sold it tonight for $1,600.

I'll miss you car. You carried me through so many different life stages, from mid-20s bachelorhood to mid-40s fatherhood, and to so many different places, from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia to Colorado and Wyoming and all the Northeastern/Midwestern states in between. I, and, eventually, my wife Christine, drove you 168,000 miles across two decades of time.

Live well -- and enjoy your new digs in Breckenridge, Colo. where the new owner, Eric E., says he'll be driving you regularly to fishing spots in the mountains.


Living a year without a car


On July 21, we're headed to Germany for a full year -- which means I'll be selling the 1992 Acura Integra that I've owned for 21 years! We'll be 100 percent car-less for the 12 months we're in Germany. [Photo by Christof Demont-Heinrich]

editors-blog-entry3So, we're going to Germany for a year on July 21 (it takes a ton of work to get things in order for a family of four to do this; hence, the lack of posts to SolarChargedDriving.Com lately). And -- get this -- we'll be living a full year without a car.

A lot of our friends and neighbors here in suburban Aurora, Colo. look at us like we have two heads when we tell them this. So, too, do many of our relatives, many of whom live in other surbubanized areas elsewhere in the United States.

You see, they can't grasp life without a car, or, probably two cars -- which is the American average.

And who can blame them? Large swaths of America, including pretty much all of Aurora, Colo., a suburb of Denver of well over 300,000 people, are built entirely around the automobile.

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Texting solar-charged drivers just as dangerous


A new survey shows more and more people are texting/surfing while driving, and it's adults, not teens, who are the biggest problems.

editors-blog-entry3I’ve written frequently about the texting/surfing while driving epidemic (‘Texting and driving like playing Russian roulette’; ‘Time to put brakes on texting & driving epidemic’; ‘Don’t text and die’; ‘Computerized cars answer to texting epidemic’).

And, without fail, I never get a single comment on those entries.

It’s as if the life and death issue of texting/surfing while driving -- clearly it is a matter of life and death, both for the selfish, short-sighted people who do it, anyone in their vehicle, and anyone in a vehicle around them -- doesn’t matter to anyone.

Or maybe people who read this blog think texting/surfing while driving is irrelevant to solar-charged driving, though, it very definitely is relevant: Someone who texts/surfs while driving a solar-charged electric car is just as much of a disaster waiting to kill/maim/injure someone as a texting/surfing gasoline car driver.

So, why am I so fired up, again, about texting/surfing and driving? The lead story in today’s USA Today is about texting/surfing while driving.

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Texting and driving like playing Russian roulette

editors-blog-entry3Imagine losing a loved one or a friend in a car accident caused by someone else who was texting/surfing while driving. Imagine being severely injured by such a driver -- and losing all of your life savings to medical bills you never expected you'd have to pay that resulted from someone else's irresponsibility and selfishness.

That's what happened to people interviewed for this powerful video segment (see video embedded at top of this entry) on Rock Center with Brian Williams about the texting/surfing while driving epidemic. Its an epidemic that's killing thousands of people and injuring hundreds of thousands every year in the United States.

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Don't text and die

editors-blog-entry3I'm on a roll on the don't text and drive thing, sorry.

In fact, I could do a whole web site on texting/surfing and driving and I've actually contemplated starting one -- but then reality hits: There's no way I'd have time for that. I struggle to get new content up on SolarChargedDriving.Com as it is.

So, I'll continue to use SolarChargedDriving.Com as an outlet to fight the crucial battle against the texting/surfing and driving epidemic. And, of course, solar-charged or not, a 4,000 pound vehicle moving at high rates of speeds is a deadly weapon, one whose navigation requires 100 percent of our attention all of the time.

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